Swing Doors

Back Up Plans for Franchisees

You’ve just purchased your windows and doors franchise and things are going smoothly. It is easy to forget the possible calamities that can occur when operating any business. Things could go wrong and there need to be contingency plans in place in order to circumvent these problems when they happen. You’re going to have equipment that will fail. You are also bound to come across periods of staffing shortages. Here are some ways to prevent the headache of not having a back up plan in place for these events.

To prevent the pains caused by staffing shortages, you should consider speaking with franchisees and franchise experts about recruitment strategies. The key is to find the right employees to make up your long-term A-team. Find team members who wish to dedicate themselves to the franchise and decrease that turnover rate. Once you find and hire a core group of employees, specifically the ones who always show up and who represent your business the way it needs to be represented, you can spend whatever time is needed to find extra employees. Ones who can serve as backup employees when you need them the most.

Secondly, you’ll need some form of contingency plan in place for your equipment. Purchasing extra equipment is the best investment you can make for this scenario. Also, it helps to partner with fellow franchisees that have similar equipment for emergency use until your equipment can be fixed.

A franchisee should always have these considerations when starting out. If you’re considering starting a franchise in windows and doors, reach out to us at Shield BP today!