Swing Doors

Communication with Your Franchisor

In a franchisee/franchisor relationship, clear communication and trust are critical to success. This is about sharing ideas and best practices and having a method for feedback and input. It is having the tools to allow the franchisor to communicate with the franchisee (things like newsletters, daily bulletins, Intranet portals, regional meetings, and conventions) and for the franchisee to provide feedback (dedicated call lines, feedback forms, direct access to decision makers, regional meetings, and conventions).

Franchisees are the ones in the field working with the tools, systems, and products, and interacting with the customers. They can provide accurate feedback about what is working and what is not working and offer suggestions for improvement or new product innovations. There are countless examples where some of the most successful campaigns or products came from within the network of franchise owners.

In turn, the franchisor needs to communicate any changes or improvements that will be implemented or notify the system of any updates.

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