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Company Culture at Your Franchise

Company culture determines how the sales process works. It influences your customer service; it even helps potential employees decide whether or not they want to work for you. The toughest part about culture is creating it. The good news is you can adopt the existing culture from the brand—it’s already established. The unique challenge is bringing it to your market and adding local flavor to it.

The franchisor will share this vision as part of the business model, and you’ll be responsible for making it stick. Company culture will embody a purpose, strong core values, a direct mission statement.

It’s everything that makes the brand tick—a succinct way to describe why the company is in business.

Remember that company culture goes beyond perks. It’s not about office ping-pong or free snacks. It’s about how your employees feel and how they operate. It’s important to get it right because your culture will shape your work environment. The ball’s in your court to make it happen.

When the right company culture is in place, you’ll see more collaboration, better retention rates, employee accountability, and shared responsibility.

A good company culture benefits customers as well. When the company’s culture resonates with an employee, they’re generally happier. Happier employees provide better customer service.

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