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Make Your Own Franchise Marketing Strategy

It’s silly to think that anyone can succeed with a plan or map on how to get to success. This especially applies to successful franchises. Here are the best ways to develop your marketing strategy:

  • Keep It Local: People love supporting their community, and your business is part of a community. By having your own social media channels, you can promote local sports teams, engage with local organizations, and deepen your connection to the community.


  • Keep It Personal: People like doing business with people. Although the benefit of owning a franchise is having a known brand under your wings as you take flight, your store or stores are run by you, neighbors of the community you serve. Your marketing plan should focus on humanizing the known brand by personalizing the communications you send. This personalization can foster deeper relationships between the franchisee and the community, which ultimately can build the franchise.


  • Get Resources: Franchisors are excellent at providing franchisees with marketing materials. These materials are just the beginning to having a solid marketing strategy in place. It’s up to the franchisee to devote the time and resources to bringing these marketing materials to life. Franchisees must have a plan in place and a budget to devote to building these resources to make the provided marketing materials come to life. For example, it takes a strategy for how to promote the brand on the franchisee’s social media account. If you’re not skilled up in how to do social media marketing, hiring a social media expert or taking a course will require additional resources from you, the franchisee.


As you can see, a lot goes into developing a marketing strategy for your franchise. If you’re considering starting a franchise in windows and doors, reach out to us at Shield BP today!