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Preparing Your Franchise for Hurricane Season

Investing in a franchise with physical locations, while not as cost-effective as an online franchise, still provides a unique avenue of financial opportunity and success. However, routine maintenance on structural integrity and ensuring that your brick-and-mortar location is up to local building codes and standards are imperative. If you happen to be a franchisee that has made their investment in an area that has to deal with the annual hurricane season, it is urgent that you take the necessary measures to prepare your franchise for the extreme weather conditions that are inevitable and guaranteed to incur physical damage. In this post, we will cover the best ways for franchisees to protect their businesses during hurricane season.

The most important step to take is to make sure that your employees are prepared for the upcoming hurricane season. Your workers are the lifeblood of your business, and they dedicate themselves to your service every day. This makes it your duty as their employer to protect and prepare them if you operate in a hurricane-prone location. Evacuation routes need to be outlined and shared with employees so that they and their families can vacate the area in a timely manner. A great franchisee will have excess emergency supplies that they can provide to their employees for their aid in these times of crisis. A franchisee that looks out for their employees’ best interests is one that will retain their employees after natural disasters like a hurricane have passed.

Secondly, you need to take measures to prepare your physical location and ensure it can withstand as much impact from hurricane-force winds and debris as possible. Hurricanes are the most dangerous and destructive weather phenomena on planet Earth. They annually cause billons of dollars in damage to both businesses and homes that exist along the coasts where they are most prevalent. Several building and construction companies have dedicated themselves to providing structural integrity that can withstand the impact of hurricane force winds. If you have a business in a hurricane prone area, employing these businesses that can provide hurricane impact doors and windows can save a lot of money and headache for you as an entrepreneur in the long run.

Finally, a franchisee in a hurricane-prone area needs to invest in the best insurance policy possible for their physical location. Impact structuring, while highly effective and necessary, can only do so much to defend against the extreme and often unpredictable forces of nature. There will always be some aspect of building damage that you will need emergency funds to repair after a severe hurricane. Therefore, it is necessary to invest in an insurance policy that requires reasonable premium payments yet yields adequate financial assistance and protection against extreme weather events. These policies are designed with entrepreneurs in mind, providing adequate financial assistance when these tragic events occur.

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