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Traits of a Successful Franchisee: Part 1

Ever wondered what the recipe for a successful franchisee is? There are lots of common franchisee traits that are found in those who start a franchise and truly succeed. In this post, we will cover some character traits of successful franchisees that are essential to emulate.

Successful franchisees thrive in their franchise structure. While franchisees are not employees and don’t report to anyone in the traditional sense, many are drawn to a franchise as there is more structure and support in place when compared to independent start-ups. They thrive as they’re able to reap the rewards of running their own business within the tried and tested structure of a franchise. In order to be a successful franchisee, you have to thrive operating within a network and be willing to follow a few rules. It will vary between franchises how hands-on your franchisor is, and some will only set out a few strict rules and guidelines. You will still have plenty of chances to use your own ideas as a franchisee – you could get creative with your marketing and lead generation, for example. But if you’re a serial entrepreneur and want total freedom, you’ll probably waste time butting heads with your franchisor about small restrictions, rather than building your franchise to its full potential.

It’s true that your franchisor is there to support and advise you, but the most successful franchisees can make key decisions on their own. Your franchisor isn’t your boss, and you don’t have to go to them with every problem you face during day-to-day running. If you’re going to succeed as a franchisee, you’ll need to be self-motivated and able to come up with solutions to make your business run more effectively.

The most successful franchises are full of franchisees who take a creative approach to problem-solving. They can overcome challenges or identify opportunities when traditional methods aren’t working. What’s more, once they’ve found a great solution, they share their findings with other franchisees in the network so that everyone has the best possible chance at success.

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