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Traits of a Successful Franchisee: Part 2

In our last post, we covered some of the traits exhibited by successful franchisees. Below, we will touch base on more of these habits that are to be noticed and emulated by franchisees who hope for success in their investment endeavor.

The best franchisees are not afraid to be vocal. Even though they’re happy to follow their franchisor’s guidance, the best franchisees aren’t afraid to make their voices heard. Whether they’ve stumbled on a more effective way to carry out a set process, or have an idea for a new product, they won’t have a second thought about suggesting it to their franchisor. And it’s not uncommon for franchisees’ ideas to be implemented across the whole network.

On the other side, the most successful franchises are willing to take on board the suggestions and ideas shared by their franchisees. After all, franchisors are the ones that come up with an excellent business concept, but it’s likely they’re not an expert in every area.

Excellent franchisees are also not afraid to be leaders. Even the most ambitious, dedicated and creative franchisees can be let down by one crucial thing: their leadership skills. And as the saying goes, you’re only as good as your team. The best franchisees can motivate, inspire and organize their employees and drive the whole unit towards incredible success. If your leadership makes your employees feel anxious, confused or unappreciated, your franchise will never succeed.

Effective franchisees take it upon themselves to get to know each member of staff and understand what motivates them. This will enable them to adjust their leadership style to connect and build relationships with employees based on the needs of each individual.

Most importantly, the most successful franchisees reward their team for their hard work. If your employees put in overtime, always offer great customer service and generally go above and beyond for your business, make sure their efforts are noticed.

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