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Traits of a Successful Franchisee: Part 4

In our last post in our series, we will wrap up our examination of the traits that are exhibited by successful franchisees.

Quite possibly most important next to a determined work ethic is knowing how to relax after work. While you won’t find successful franchisees slacking during business hours, the best of the bunch know the importance of avoiding burnout. The first few weeks and months of your business will be exceptionally busy, and you might find yourself working into the night and on weekends. But after the adrenaline and excitement of your franchising journey wears off, it’s just not feasible to be switched on to your business 24/7.

The best franchisees, and the ones that enjoy longevity as a business owner, are able to mentally switch off after a day of working on their business. They work hard, but enjoy plenty of time with family, friends and hobbies too. If you don’t look after yourself, you might find that your franchising journey ends abruptly due to ill health, or that you don’t enjoy being your own boss as much as you deserve to.

Many successful franchisees choose to employ staff to help with the day-to-day running of their business. It’s not necessary with every kind of operation, but if you’re running a restaurant franchise or takeaway franchise, you’ll find it tough to fill every role on your own. By hiring skilled, experienced employees, the best franchisees don’t have to do it all themselves and have enough vital downtime.

And if they don’t hire staff, successful solo franchisees are great at managing their time and ensuring they aren’t sat checking their emails at midnight. It is tough to adjust, particularly if you’ve never been your own boss before, but it’s a key aspect of success that many people overlook.

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