Swing Doors

Traits to Remember for Franchise Success

Starting a windows and doors franchise can be a stressful, anxious experience. You wonder if you can meet all of the metrics that are necessary for your business to succeed. It is actually a lot easier than most people think. There are traits of successful franchises that can be adopted by any franchise owner. All one has to do is put in the work.

  • Resilience: As a business owner, you will be tested in ways you never imagined. It’s just part of the job description for owners. Your resiliency will be tested when you receive criticism that doesn’t always seem constructive, when your patience is running thin with employees and customers, and when goals seem to be forever out of reach. There will be missteps, but you know you will keep moving forward.
  • Financially Knowledge: To intelligently run a franchise, you need some acumen with credit, capital management, accounting, financial statements, and reporting. The better you understand finances, the more quickly you will catch errors, reduce expenses, or alter payroll. When you understand how every aspect of finance affects your profit, you will become more profitable sooner. If this is not an area of strength, then find a partner or trusted consultant who has strong financial knowledge.
  • Humility: A franchise is successful because it has developed a brand and method that works. As a franchisee, you are humble enough to take direction and follow the prescribed plan. The person teaching you might be decades younger or without your own experience, but the ego cannot be a part of the learning process. You will be learning some things at an elementary level, and sometimes it will feel as though you are starting at the bottom. But a franchise system demands adherence to the brand, and ego has no place when there is much to learn.
  • Boldness: Bold is not the opposite of humble. Bold franchisees see opportunities and then take calculated risks to create momentum. There are always inherent risks in a business, but a bold franchisee is willing to take some chances, especially with the support of a proven franchise operation.
  • Perspective: Perspective creates a realistic vision of your franchise situation. It is difficult to remain objective about a business that you funded with your savings—it may seem there is no room for error. But perspective helps franchisees succeed because it helps them step back just enough to see how your decisions affect your whole franchise. Having perspective does not mean that you are not involved—but it does mean you know when you are responding emotionally rather than rationally and can shift your views accordingly. It creates patience when needed and bold action when demanded.

Once you embody these traits in your franchise, you will achieve success. Reach out today and we’ll show you the way! If you’re considering starting a franchise in windows and doors, reach out to us at Shield BP today!