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Why Us?

As a Shield Building Products franchisee, you will provide various window and door product lines for both commercial and residential clients. Our franchisees will join a team of professionals who have developed customer service techniques that produce high retention rates and consistent referrals. We listen to our customers’ needs!

Our leadership team has created the Shield Building Products model based on extensive industry experience. This is a business with a high potential Return On Investment (ROI). Every product we carry is superior quality, producing high average value per transaction and strong profit margins. Throughout the life of your Shield Building Products franchise, you will receive ongoing support, including operations, marketing, products, and more to propel your franchise forward. 

Market Potential

The home improvement industry in the United States is worth $440 billion and growing.  There are more than 150 million homes over 20 years old with the recommended timeframe for replacing windows and doors being every 15 to 20 years.  As homeowners pay great attention to selecting the right products for their homes, the demand for a high quality, full-service window and door company is growing. It is important to remember that this is a service-oriented business, and consequently, it is very difficult for online retailers and big box stores to compete and disrupt it.

There will always be a need for the personal and professional attention Shield Building Products offer, starting with design, product selection, project engineering, education, and throughout professional installation. There will always be new home construction, people will always be moving and renovating existing homes, and they will need quality windows and doors in the process.


Recession Resistant

With over two decades of experience, we have earned the trust of countless homeowners, architects, and developers through our excellent reputation for honesty, reliability, and professionalism. The window and door systems we offer incorporate strength in materials, durability, innovative design, and are a beautiful complement to any residential or commercial building.  

A testament to the safety and protection provided by our product lines includes the hundreds of thousands of units we have installed in projects throughout Florida.  Severe weather conditions, window and door aging, new construction, and home renovations are always occurring. Our marketing and business models have helped us sustain ourselves throughout economic highs and lows. Homeowners continue to seek ways to upgrade and improve their homes even in a recession. 

As a Shield Building Products franchisee, there is opportunity for a quick return on investment and high earnings potential. Windows and doors are high ticket items with earning outcomes greater per transaction than most franchise opportunities. The return on investment is much faster, and the earning per territory is very high. 

Ultimately, the growth of your Shield Building Products is up to you; we provide you with a winning model and all the tools you need along with our ongoing support!


Our company’s progressive foundational practices and values enable us to lead the industry. We are strengthened by a leadership team full of wisdom, business knowledge, and years of industry experience and practice. Our founder and owner, Moche Hazout, is a man of stand-out integrity and industry business knowledge. He carries more than 20 years of in-depth operations and management experience within the windows and doors industry and brings a vast array of business acumen that contributes to the ongoing success of the Shield Building Products brand and its franchisees alike.

Franchise Support

As a part of the Shield Building Products family, we take care of our franchisees every step of the way. Echoing our customer-first mentality, we take the same approach to our relationships with our franchisees. Clean and consistent communication seamlessly spurs your business onward. No question or concern is too small or too large for your professional franchise experts and field consultants. Specifically, franchise buyers gain:

  • Comprehensive Training: The Shield Building Products dual phase training program includes instruction on operations, service procedures, marketing, sales, administration, technical industry knowledge, computer software training, and much more. 
  • Field Support: Our field support team will visit your location, offering guidance on growth and overall management. Each franchisee is assigned a personal field consultant who is easy to reach.
  • Operational Support: Ongoing operational guidance ensures your success. We provide ongoing training and support within sales guidelines, customer service know-how, inventory management, administrative practices, and more.
  • Marketing Guidance: We constantly work to develop strategies and advertising that will benefit the entire network and enhance the overall brand. This includes in-depth branding guides and consumer plans.

Exclusive Territories

We award exclusive very large territories includes at least 500,000 in population allowing you to take advantage of the ongoing demand for a high quality, full-service window and door company.

Key Advantages

  • Low initial investment.
  • Low overhead.
  • No inventory needed. All products are built to order, no need to keep stock, and no risk of overburdening inventory.
  • Quick return on investment and high earnings potential. Windows and doors are high ticket items with earning outcome greater per transaction than most franchise opportunities. The return on investment is much faster, and the earning per territory is very high.
  • Remarkable product selection and quality.
  • We only select the most advanced products in the industry in terms of quality, function, service, warranty, and aesthetics.
  • Superior comprehensive training and ongoing support.
  • National and local marketing support and guidance.
  • Large exclusive territories.
  • Scalable business model with flexible schedule. The owner can choose to run a smaller shop or establish a full-scale venture with an even higher earning potential.
  • Product line expansion. An added benefit of the Shield model is the option to add new types of building products in the future.
  • Growing, high-demand industry.
  • Great leadership with proven background and results.

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